About Us

About us

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University is a successor of rich traditions and principles set by Mr. Guram Tavartkiladze, the founder of this higher Educational Institution. Our university has been keeping and following these principles till now.

The mission of the University is to satisfy students’ demand to get high quality education, be competitive on the market.

The University has all resources necessary for academic and scientific life. Scientific literature, manuals and lecture courses cover the whole contents of educational programs. The University has a rich library. Students can use electronic library of the University as well as DVD versions of lecture courses available at the university library. The students and professors can also use the internet service provided by the university. Modern material and technical base of Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University includes the lecture rooms equipped with contemporary facilities, radio and TV labs, imitated courtrooms, studies and the conference hall. The rooms are furnished with the desks of modern design, visual aids necessary for delivering lectures and seminars, digital media projectors. IT centre of the University is equipped with brand new computers and internet.

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University has Career Service that supports students’ professional practice and internship. The aim of the Career Center is to perform systematic market analysis to provide recommendations for defining the contingent for admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, to prepare feedbacks for the university, helpful and necessary to work out right strategy.

The students are actively involved in the University life. They participate in development of the contents of the educational program, academic program monitoring and the management of the educational and other processes going on in the university. University has its self-government unit protecting students’ rights. In cooperation with administration it supports the terms and conditions of leisure activities as well as encourages development of their creative potential. In order to create the proper conditions for work and leisure the university has set up the club of student-journalists _ “Reportiori (reporter)’, literary club, students’ café, the club of intellectuals and a sport ground.

How to find us

Our address: 0101, Tbilisi, Samgheti Str. 5

Phone: 2 661 512; 2 246 590; 2 246 591

E-mail: info@gtuni.edu.ge

Web site: www.gtuni.edu.ge